Worldwide Home Builder Offers Executive Custom Home Design to Elk Grove Professionals

Date Tuesday, 31 May 2011 12:00 AM

(Courtesy of Elk Grove Economic Development Corp)

Professionals locating to Elk Grove really can have it all! In addition to award-winning schools, world-class cultural amenities and an access to an abundance of recreational opportunities, residents can enjoy an affordable superior lifestyle that includes executive custom homes built in a beautiful (and seismically stable!) region of Northern California.

Worldwide custom homebuilder,  
G.J. Gardner Homes, launched a new franchise in Elk Grove last month, offering executive custom homes at prices considerably more affordable than can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.  

"We don't have a presence in the San Francisco Bay area at this time because of the fact it's not affordable and the lack of land available," said Greg Dettwiler, owner of G.J. Gardner Homes. "That's one thing that sets Elk Grove apart and makes Elk Grove very unique--there is a large availability of single-family lots to build on that are extremely affordable. We have single-family lots available here from $70,000 and that's unheard of in the Bay Area. Also, the permits to build a home cost much less here than in the Bay Area."

"Another one of the biggest advantages of Elk Grove is its location--right on Highway 99 and I-5. From here, we have very easy direct access into Sacramento and into all of the foothill areas," said Dettwiler. "The foothill area is still very strong and never really tapered off in their construction. We can access all of this area in 15 minutes to a half an hour drive as Elk Grove's location is very central."

Elk Grove's family-friendly community and award-winning infrastructure was also a big lure for G.J. Gardner Homes to locate here.

"Elk Grove is simply a nice place to be as far as reputation," added Dettwiler. "There are lots of trees here and lakes and fountains. All of that is a positive thing--we want to get people in a good frame of mind as they drive into the city. The community of Elk Grove, with their streets and thoroughfares, has done a great job of presenting itself."

French Country Estate GJ Gardner Home The reaction from the Elk Grove community to the franchise's executive custom home building availability in the area was immediate.

"Within a week of putting up our Elk Grove website we had two customers contact us to build houses, both professional couples. One couple is relocating from Las Vegas, and we are building a very large French Country style home for them in the area that is approximately 5,000 sq. ft. with 1,200 sq. ft. of outdoor space."

"Custom home building does not boom and it does not bust like tract home building does," added Dettwiler. "It remains fairly constant and steady. When it comes to custom home building in Elk Grove and the surrounding area, there have been a couple of years gone by that builders have pulled back and not built new homes and put them on the market so you now have a pent up demand.

GJ Gardner Silvergates Estates rendering
G.J. Gardner Homes is also currently developing Silvergates Estates in Elk Grove. Home sizes will vary between approximately 3,000 sq. ft. to 4,500 sq. ft. with prices between about $555,000 and $670,000 with more upgraded options available.

"The style and type of housing that we're building is very much California climate design with indoor/outdoor living spaces and courtyards," added Dettwiler. "We put a lot of emphasis into the design to take advantage of the climate, and we incorporate green building techniques into every home we build."

G.J. Gardner Homes Elk Grove franchise builder/owner Dennis Hendricks has spent nearly 30 years in the building industry and moved here with his family from Southern California in 2002.

"I purposely wanted to have my office in Elk Grove because of the close community feeling that you get from the people here," said Hendricks. "I felt opening this franchise would be a huge kick-start for the building industry that was traumatized in the economic downturn, and this would be a good way to help the local community and all the other contractors that are also working within our community.

Hailing from crowded, bustling Southern California, Hendricks had a very important reason to relocate his life and livelihood to Elk Grove nearly a decade ago.

"My daughter is one of the reasons why we moved here," added Hendricks. "Being born and raised in Southern California, I wanted my daughter to be brought up in a community school district where she could have growth and where it's about people and not status quo. When we moved here in 2002, we never looked back. She's done very well in the Elk Grove Unified School District and we're very happy."

In addition to discovering the high-quality Elk Grove lifestyle, Hendricks has also grown accustomed to the convenience of working and living within the same community without the commute traffic of crowded metropolitan areas.

"I have mile and a half commute to work," he laughs.

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