Designing your home

How to Transcend Home Design Trends

Designing a home is one of the most exciting, yet challenging projects we choose to take on in our lives. But falling into the trap of designing your home with current trends is something the majority are guilty of doing. Choosing to design with seasonal trends in mind can end up being a costly mistake. As these elements fall out of fashion, you’re left investing to change your home’s style in a couple of years’ time.

After building thousands of homes, we’ve picked up a thing or two on key design elements that can date a home. Below is our forecast of design trends we expect to go out of style in 2022.

Bright Carpet Colors

While we’ve well and truly moved past the iconic 70’s orange shag carpets, some are still stuck in the past with coloured statement carpets. But this trend can take away from your home design. To prevent your home from looking dated (and saving yourself carpet installation costs), try incorporating neutral-coloured carpets. This could include gray, black, or cream. Darker colors also show less dirt and staining over the long term. Which makes them a great option in a children’s room or rumpus room.

Alternatively, replace your carpets with tiles. They are simple to maintain and are more durable than carpeting, particularly in high traffic areas.

Old Cabinetry Colors

Another design trend that can age your home is your kitchen cabinet color. Choosing bright colors, or orange-toned wooden cabinetry for example, can create a dated kitchen look. Instead, incorporate solid neutral colors such as white or black, or add a pop of color to a section of cabinetry as an accent. This can help to modernize the space. It also enables you to add trends or coloured features through cabinetry hardware, which is a lot cheaper to change out as your style evolves.

Heavy Window Coverings

One aging design element that we often see in homes is heavy window coverings that enclose the space. Styles such as a curtain valance or track panels can cheapen the overall look of the room. Additionally, coverings that do not fit the window paneling take away from the room’s look and feel. Instead, invest in quality curtains and window dressings that will stand the test of time. If you live in warmer climates, invest in block-out roller blinds. This can help to not only keep the light out but cool down your home during warmer days.

Small Tiles

While long rectangular ‘kit-kat’ style tiles have recently made their way back into the inspo boards of home builders, small-format tiles can actually do more harm than good. Tiling your bathrooms with smaller tiles, particularly when covering entire floors or walls, can overpower the eye. Instead, a smaller accent wall can create a sense of dimension and texture.

Staircase Balustrades

Another common aging design trend is choosing exorbitant or detailed balustrades that won’t stand the test of time. Staircase balustrades are going to be in your home for a long time and are costly to change out. Pick something simple that complements your home’s interior style and can evolve as you change out furniture pieces.

Common Design Mistakes

At G.J. Gardner Homes we understand the importance of a floor plan that suits your design, lifestyle needs and budget. Our New Home Consultants are experts in this field and have identified some common design mistakes people make when designing their homes:

Making Bathrooms Too Small

In home designs, clients want to maximize their floor space by leaving square footage to main living spaces and bedrooms. However, this typically results in bathrooms that are too small for their needs.

When designing your home, consider carefully how each space is going to be used and who will be using the space. Bathrooms need enough vanity space and storage. As well as room for key appliances such as a bath, shower, and toilet.

Formal Living Areas Are Under-Utilized

While having a formal dining room is still a common feature in floorplans today, this is often under-utilized space. This additional room could be converted into a home office space or another bedroom.

Laundry Rooms are Too Small

Another room that is often neglected is the laundry. While this room can be smaller than other spaces, it is vital to consider the functionality. Ensure there is a big enough benchtop and sink space, room for the ironing board and appliances.

Use A Functional Floor Plan

The key to creating a timeless home design is to ensure your floor plan is functional. Consider each space, how you plan to use it and areas of high foot traffic. Additionally, the incorporation of open-plan living space with connected kitchen, dining and alfresco areas can help to create a flow between different zones.

Also consider furniture placement and powerpoints in the room. This ensures there is enough room dedicated to each space, based on key furniture pieces and the room’s functionality.

Light & Bright

One of the most underrated aspects of home design is natural light. Utilizing passive design, make the most of your home’s positioning to include as much natural light as possible. If your block of land does not get a lot of sun exposure due to its orientation, be sure to install skylights. This creates the same illusion of a light, bright home design and provides a nice feel to your space.

Neutral & Natural

Keeping the foundational elements of your room neutral can create a timeless and sophisticated look. This includes cool or warm white coloured walls and ceilings, plus neutral exterior colors. For pops of color or seasonal styles, swap out artwork, wall décor, furniture and design accessories.

Utilize natural materials like timber flooring or external stone cladding. While investing in these materials may not be as cost-effective, the quality and durability you will receive as a result will make it well worth it.

Classic Interior Style

The modern farmhouse and contemporary coastal design styles are great interior design formats. They provide a modern and ageless feel to the space by incorporating simple stylistic elements.

Vertical Joints

Vertical joints (aka VJ Lining) are a tongue and groove paneling solution that can be installed on top of plastered walls. It creates a timeless feel and adds texture by providing the illusion of Hamptons or Farmhouse inspired paneling.

Shaker Doors & Cabinetry

Another trend that will stand the test of time is shaker profile doors and cabinetry. This style features a flat center panel with a square border around the edges. It is particularly popular in kitchens, as it creates a classic and dimensional look to your cabinetry.

External Cladding

When choosing your home’s exterior finish, external cladding is a great solution. Ensure you choose a classic style that fits your personal style rather than the new products that are on-trend.

Staying True To You (& Your Design Style):

While all these design tips are important to keep in mind when creating your dream home, the most important thing is to stay true to what you like and what elements speak to your personal style. Your individuality and sense of style is something that won’t date. By ensuring you choose quality pieces and designs that you truly love, regardless of trends, it will become a timeless part of your home.

Another way to ensure you are staying true to yourself is to create a mood board for your home. Whether you are going old-school and create a collage or use Pinterest, this can help you stay focused. Rather than getting caught up in other people’s ideas and deviating from your own style.

Our top tip to not go overboard in home design is to live by the motto “less is more’. If you’re unsure about something, pair it back and go with your gut.

Our last suggestion is to select finishes and products that are expensive to change in neutral tones or colors. Then add splashes of color to smaller features that are cheaper to remove like furniture or splashbacks. Prioritize quality over quantity.

And there you have it! We hope our guide to transcending home trends can help you elevate your home design and create a space that feels unique to you.