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The Best Features of a Hampton Home

In recent years, Hamptons style homes have emerged as a beloved source of home inspiration – renowned for their innovative and classical features. Ultimately, the Hamptons style revolves around the feelings of calmness, charm & comfort.

The Hamptons Style House Exterior

Hamptons Style Facade

The Hampton house style is recognized for its board & batten exterior. Both functional and appealing, this style element is quintessential to the Hamptons style.

The board & batten siding forming the home’s facade provide a unique, textured appearance to the home’s exterior, while also weather-proofing for a range of climates. Hamptons style houses offer a coastal charm through this iconic feature. In using either wide or narrow paneling, you have the freedom to decide the contemporary or classic feel of the house whilst still remaining fresh and clean. Multiple G.J. Gardner home designs have embraced the board & batten exterior, inspired by the Hamptons house style, including the likes of the Hampton and Ashland.

Hamptons Style Entry

A major element of the Hamptons house style is the incorporation of shaker-style design, characterized by clean lines, tapered legs, and minimalist designs, both internally and externally. The inclusion of shaker-style elements in the entryways represents a famed feature of a Hamptons home, offering an inviting entry to the home.

The addition of a front porch or an arbor serves to enhance the welcoming charm of the Hamptons style. Shaker-style pillars and eaves create continuity between the Hamptons style interior and exterior. Our range of homes provides the opportunity to include this subtle yet classic Hamptons feature within your own home by incorporating front porches and customized entry designs.

The Hamptons Style House Interior

Hamptons Style Color Palette

Inspired by coastal styles, Hampton style homes use muted colors to provide a calming and naturalist experience. The use of soft tones from pale grays, blues, and greens to simply all-white palettes provide a versatile and fresh foundation for your home.

The use of natural colors, akin to the colors of sand, sky and stone, accompanied by bold accents, impart the classic Hampton style. Offering you the freedom to design your own Hamptons inspired color palette, all G.J. Gardner Homes allows you to customize your own paint colors.

Natural Materials of the Hampton Home

Influenced by the aesthetics of the natural coastal environment, Hampton style homes incorporate various natural materials. To enhance its calmness and charm, the Hamptons style draws on stone accents, timber additions and linen textures to foster a beach-like haven.

Natural materials are incorporated into the style through exposed stone walls and features as well as timber staircases and flooring. Different material tones impart different feelings; the use of light oak floors maintains a classic casual coastal appearance, while darker flooring provides a more sophisticated finish to enhance the fresh color palette. G.J. Gardner Homes’ design styles support the use of a range of natural materials in our custom homes, from bold stone fireplaces to timber focal points.

Furnishing choices from wicker chairs to woven rugs can serve to enrich the addition of natural materials and represent a classic and accessible element of the Hampton style.

Layers of Light

While embracing the natural setting, the Hamptons house style seeks to bring the outdoors in through the use of open living spaces, which encourages abundant natural light.

Natural light serves to enhance the fresh and bright feeling of the home while making it an airy and open space. Design features such as porches, open plan living and large scale windows provide the feeling of summer. The use of a light color palette allows light to bounce from the walls, enhancing the role of natural light. In Hampton’s home, most design decisions seek to enhance the natural light and brighten the space. G.J. Gardner Homes specialize in large patio spaces leading off from the spacious open plan dining and family rooms, which provides an ideal space to hero natural light.

Finer Details

The considered use of finishes and details serve to make the Hamptons style. Elements such as shaker-style cabinetry throughout kitchens, bathrooms and offices as well as decorative moldings and cornices have served to enrich the heritage undertone of the Hamptons style. Moreover, the use of paneled or vaulted ceilings serves to create height and support the airy and open Hamptons feature.

The Hamptons style is mastered through these simple stylistic choices by providing touches of classical elegance with modern innovation.

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