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How to Design a Stylish Laundry

Often neglected in the home design process, it’s so important to get your laundry design right, and make the most of this highly functional space.

Functional laundry design in a GJ Gardner display home

Your laundry space should allow room to manoeuvre with bulky items and cleaning supplies, to make sure your space is functional as well as stylish.

Many modern laundry designs also revive the concept of the “mudroom”, a secondary entry to your house that can be used to store footwear, outerwear and backpacks.

Take cues from the kitchen

If you have a keen interest in styling your laundry to be an asset to your home, a great place to start is to mirror the styling of your kitchen.

Your kitchen and laundry both hold a similar function in your home,  since they are both primarily a place for performing necessary household duties among other secondary functions. They have the job of housing many similar appliances, including washing machines and other appliances which are placed under benches or stacked. Their similar features can also include sinks, cupboards and shelving.

They are also often located relatively close by to one another, as a practical way of keeping plumbing foundations less complicated during construction. It is relatively easy to then draw parallels between the two and draw styling ideas accordingly.

The laundry in one of our display homes pairs the laundry styling with the kitchen by making use of similar oak timber features, tapware, crisp white benchtops, and dark black panelling. This ensemble makes for a dynamic and expressive laundry space, which echoes much of the features from the expertly designed kitchen area.

Other things to consider

To finish designing your stylish laundry, consider these tips:

  • Streamline your laundry by hiding the plumbing inside your cabinetry and choosing an inset sink
  • Add luxe elements like soap and a candle as a stylish finishing touch
  • Keep it fresh by adding plants and ensuring there is natural light through a skylight or doorway