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Designing a Multigenerational Home: How to Create a Custom Home that Accommodates Different Family Needs

The number of multigenerational households in the United States is on the rise, with approximately 64 million Americans living in such households. This living change comes down to a variety of factors, including financial reasons, cultural values, and changing family dynamics.

Custom homes offer you the most optimal opportunity to make your home ready for multiple-generation living with popular and practical design solutions. A multi-generational home takes careful planning and consideration to accommodate each family member.

It’s essential to create spaces that are comfortable, functional, and supportive of all generations, from young children to aging parents. A considered approach to designing helps ensure that it meets the needs of all family members while also providing a comfortable and enjoyable living environment.

Whether you’re designing a new home or renovating an existing one, this guide will provide valuable insights and practical tips for creating a multi-generational home that meets the needs of all family members.

What is a multigenerational home?

Multigenerational homes are residences that can accommodate different generations of family members living together, typically parents and their adult children, along with grandparents or other extended family members.

This living arrangement lets families enjoy the benefits of living together, such as shared expenses and childcare responsibilities, and even emotional support.

A multi-generational home requires careful consideration of the needs and preferences of each family member.

Elderly family members may require features such as grab bars in the bathroom and wider doorways to accommodate mobility aids. Young children may benefit from a designated play area, while adult children may prefer a private living space. Shared spaces such as kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms, instead, should be designed with everyone’s needs in mind.

Designing a multi-generational home

A multigenerational home design requires a thoughtful and collaborative approach to meet the needs of the whole family.

By working with a custom home builder like G.J. Gardner Homes, families can ensure that their home achieves a comfortable and harmonious living environment no matter what the future holds.

There’s an array of layouts multigenerational homes can take, from a single-family home with separate living areas for each generation to a larger home with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas designed to accommodate everyone. Some families also choose to add separate living quarters, such as a mother-in-law suite or guest house, to an existing home to accommodate multiple generations. Working with a custom home builder like G.J. Gardner Homes ensures that the design meets the specific requirements of each generation while maintaining a cohesive and functional layout.

Multi-generational home plans

G.J. Gardner Homes offer a variety of multigenerational home plans that can be tailored to fit any family. Here are some examples of multigenerational home plans:

A dual-key home includes two separate living spaces under the same roof, each with its own entrance. It’s perfect for families who want to live together while maintaining some degree of privacy.

An attached home involves building a second dwelling attached to the main house, typically with a shared wall. This option allows for more independence while keeping family members together.

Granny flats are small, self-contained living spaces located on the same property as the main house. It is ideal for elderly parents or adult children who want their own space but still want to be close to family.

A two-story home consists of building a two-story home with separate living spaces on each floor. It allows for multiple generations to live under the same roof while still maintaining their own space and privacy.

These are just a few examples of multigenerational home plans, but our team of experienced builders can work with you to design a custom home for your family.

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