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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

Your home tends to become an extension of yourself, so why not build a home that’s been designed for you and you only?

Custom homes come with the luxury of hand-picked materials, layouts and styles and guarantees to match your taste and lifestyle. From floor plan edits to changes to finishes, custom homes give you the freedom to turn your dream home into a reality, and G.J. Gardner Homes is here to help.

Our packages offer home buyers across the country semi-custom and custom homes builds that let you get to decide how involved you want to be in the design process. G.J. Gardner Homes’ team of design experts and contractors offer a premier building experience. Customise our existing and world renowned home designs or start from scratch? It’s completely up to you.

G.J. Gardner Homes prides itself on transparency, no hidden extras and fixed budgets, so we’re here to answer the question on every home buyer’s mind: how much will that cost?

Here’s our guide to understanding the prices involved with custom home builds.

What does it cost to build a custom home?

Just like this category name suggests, the cost of a custom home is unique from build to build. According to the latest National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the median price for a custom-built home is around $424,000, which is just mildly higher than the cost of buying a pre-existing home.

However, the final figure for a custom home will always be affected by multiple factors.

In comparison to standard plan designs, custom homes offer you multiple opportunities to make changes and choices that’ll influence the price. We want our clients to gain a complete understanding of custom home costs so you feel confident you’re making the right choices for your budget.

What impacts the price of custom homes?

The price of a custom home will come down to the extent of customization. More extensively customized homes with custom materials, expert craftsmanship and more time spent designing and building will cost more than easy changes to standard plans. Let’s break down the main factors that determine the price tag on personalizing.


Custom homes let our clients have the freedom to decide what materials will work best in their home. The price of these materials, such as flooring, finishes and structural elements, can vary majorly in the home building industry and cause final project prices to vary as well.

Finishes and features like marble, stonework and other rare raw materials will increase the costs. Not only are they high ticket purchases, they will likely require more care and expertise to perfectly install.

Your choice of materials is both an opportunity to keep costs down or increase them.


G.J. Gardner Homes’ standard plans and semi-custom builds have been designed through decades of experience. These years of building and working with suppliers, contractors and processes have made for a streamlined building journey and fixed timeline.

For custom builds, we’re creating a unique building journey solely for your home and specifications. A fully unique home will come with a specific building timeline that can be impacted by material sourcing, craftsmanship and a one-of-a-kind floor plan. With more time needed to customize your home, the final project may cost more to account for the labor involved.


The price of your home will simply reflect its size. Bigger homes require more materials and labor than a smaller home. The cost to build a custom home will depend on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas you’re looking to build and the overall square footage.


The price of everything varies dramatically across the country, and homes are no exception. The final cost will depend on your state, proximity to urban centres and access to materials and labor.

The range of factors that can impact the final price of a custom home just shows the endless possibilities you have when customizing. Whilst it may cost more, a custom home comes with ample benefits as well.

Why build a custom home with G.J. Gardner Homes

G.J. Gardner Homes are distinguished for their experience and expertise which make them the perfect collaborators for custom home builds.

With standard plans, semi-custom and fully custom packages on offer, you can find a home building journey that works with your preferences and goals.

Our homes are the product of hundreds of hours of professional input as we’re committed to creating spaces that are a joy to live in. The interactive 3D planning available during the design phase also lets you get to experience every detail before it’s built and feel certain in your decisions. With no detail missed, G.J. Gardner Homes are ready to make sure your custom home is everything you imagined.

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