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A Guide to Modern Farmhouse Style

For decades, the warm and familiar aesthetic of the farmhouses of old have stayed within the minds of American homebuilders – and there’s no sign of it slowing down! 

You guessed it, we’re talking about Modern Farmhouse style.

Maybe it’s the timeless sensibility, maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe it’s the rustic charm.

Or perhaps it’s a combination of all three, with a convenient connection to the stereotypically homely farm lifestyle. A contemporary and sleek feeling often shines through, combining to create an effortlessly fresh but familiar living scenario.

Say hello to Modern Farmhouse

Traditionally, our interpretation of the Farmhouse style was typified using classically rustic materials. Think of the classic visual of exposed timber beams, and pair with the contemporary design principles of clean lines and well-considered proportions. They combine the desirable aesthetic and feel of farmhouses with the practical hallmarks of contemporary home designs.

Perhaps the most recognizable feature of modern farmhouses are their great rooms, which combine the roles of a shared family room, kitchen and eating area into one communal space. Modern Farmhouse homes also often include elements such as large back porches, garages that are large enough for multiple vehicles and hearty fireplaces large enough to warm communal spaces.

These large estates will also often embrace the farmhouse lifestyle with expansive and bright interiors. They feature clean lines, pitched roofs that stretch high into the sky, large windows and authentic fittings that complement the home. 

The Modern Farmhouse Color palette

Farmhouse style is earmarked by a color palette that isn’t afraid to embrace familiar, natural tones. They often heavily feature white with grey, and black  accents, which pairs well with lighter colors that are more commonly identified as part of modern home design. Modern Farmhouse homes aren’t afraid to call back to their roots, incorporating earthen elements and hardy fixtures with the clean and minimalist contemporary design standards. 

Modern Farmhouse Design: Dogwood 2702

Take the Dogwood 2702 design, available from G.J. Gardner. The facade of this home combines recognizable farmhouse textures like wooden framing, with contemporary colors. It’s also clear to see where farmhouse influences shine through, with the tall roof, expansive rooms, and great room with a fireplace that effortlessly adjoins with the back porch.

Modern Farmhouse Texture

Natural materials will always be a mainstay of Modern Farmhouse design – think wood, stone and steel. You can incorporate these textures in spades throughout the home, from the exterior to the interior including furniture, surfaces and finishes. A popular choice is the addition of stone or rock applied as a statement finish in places such as the chimney, the fireplace or support columns.

The Modern Farmhouse style typically includes some of these popular exterior elements:

  • Siding – White Board & Batten
  • Roof – Black or grey in metal or shingle style
  • Plan Footprint – usually simple square or rectangular shape
  • Lighting – contemporary, black or antique bronze
  • Windows – lots of windows throughout with black framing
  • Covered Porches – with oversized openings and space to relax
  • Gables & Roof Pitch – typically steeper pitched
  • Garage Doors – Carriage-Style in white, wood, or black

The Interior Design of Modern Farmhouse plans typically include: 

  • The design itself is simple, minimal and has large gathering spaces
  • The color palette is neutral with whites and greys
  • Lighting inside often is industrial style with black elements
  • Natural wood and architectural elements – barn doors, wood floors, ship lap/wood panelling, timer beams, polished concrete are few common elements
  • The kitchen truly is the heart of the home with large footprint and open to the living space – shaker-style cabinets, white marble or quartz counters, subway tile, oversized islands and open shelving are a few common elements

Finishing touches

The key to styling a Modern Farmhouse home is honoring the traditional approach using a contemporary and creative interpretation that befits modern life.

For example, you might love the idea of spending quality family time gathered in the great room, with a hearty fire crackling in the corner. Modernizing the space with comfortable furniture and minimalist fittings can help you to strike the perfect balance between farm living and the modern world.

Planning your Modern Farmhouse

Color, texture, and styling will get you 90% of the way there, but in order to really succeed you can’t consider these elements in isolation. You need to have a plan.

It sounds obvious, but taking the time to consider all the surfaces, finishes and inclusions across your home will help you achieve a cohesive Modern Farmhouse look.

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