Planning your build

How To Build a Home For Retirement

A top priority for most home builders is planning for the future as your family grows and your needs evolve. Building a home that caters to both your current family dynamics and your future retirement needs requires careful consideration and a thoughtful home design.  

From flexible floor plans and multi-functional spaces to accessibility features and future-proofing strategies, we’ll provide you with valuable insights, tips, and expert advice on striking the perfect balance between meeting the needs of your expanding family and creating a space that will support you in the golden years.  

Whether you’re just starting to plan or actively searching for ideas, this guide is your roadmap to creating a home that grows with your family and brings you joy throughout every stage of life. 

Planning for building A retirement home

Planning your retirement home is a wise and proactive step towards ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable future. As you transition into this new phase of life, your needs and priorities will change as well.

Designing a home that accommodates your lifestyle as you age can bring peace of mind and convenience. From incorporating accessibility features such as wider doorways, grab bars, and step-free entrances to designing a single-story layout for easy mobility, thoughtful planning can make a significant difference.

By creating spaces that promote relaxation and self-care, such as a cozy reading nook or a serene garden, you can enhance your overall well-being. Additionally, optimizing storage solutions can simplify daily life and minimize clutter for a more streamlined daily life.

Considerations like these let you craft a haven that supports your retirement dreams and allows you to fully enjoy the next chapter of your life.

Perfect house plan for a retired couples

Finding the perfect house plan for a retired couple involves a careful balance of functionality, comfort, and practicality. Whether you envision a cozy cottage-style home or a spacious contemporary design, the ideal house plan should cater to your specific needs and allow you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.  

In this curated list, we have handpicked a selection of house plans that offer single-level living, accessible features, low-maintenance design, and versatile spaces for hobbies or hosting loved ones.  

Join us as we explore these thoughtfully designed homes that provide the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories and embracing the freedom of retired life. 

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Floor plans for retirement

When buying a retirement home, there are several key factors to consider so you can make the most of this exciting new chapter. Here are some important aspects to look for: 


Opt for a home with accessible features such as a single-story layout, wide doorways, step-free entrances, and grab bars in bathrooms. This will make it easier to navigate and accommodate any future mobility needs. 

Low Maintenance:  

Building for retirement means reducing work, that’s why we retire in the first place. Choose a property that requires minimal upkeep, both inside and outside. Look for features like durable materials, efficient systems, and low-maintenance landscaping to reduce the time and effort spent on maintenance tasks. 

Proximity to Amenities:  

Consider the proximity to essential amenities like healthcare facilities, shopping centers, recreational areas, and social activities. Easy access to these services will enhance your convenience and overall lifestyle. 

Safety and Security:  

Look for a home in a safe neighborhood with adequate security measures in place. Consider factors like crime rates, lighting, gated communities, and home security systems to ensure your peace of mind. 


Assess the financial aspect carefully. Consider your retirement budget, including ongoing expenses, property taxes, and homeowners’ association fees. Ensure the home aligns with your financial goals and won’t strain your resources. 

Discover more single-story homes today

Single-story homes tend to be the best option for future planning, providing a practical and age-friendly living space that promotes comfort, safety, and a higher quality of life for older individuals. Here are our top single-story home designs.  

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