Auburn California now G.J. Gardner Homes Territory!

Date Wednesday, 10 September 2008 12:00 AM

G.J. Gardner Homes offers new custom home options for Auburn

The latest Northern California franchise of G.J. Gardner Homes celebrated its grand opening at 660 Auburn Folsom Road in Auburn.

Owned by home builder Chris Hewell, this franchise of G.J. Gardner Homes offers potential buyers the ability to pick from multiple different home designs that run the gamut in price from the $200,000s and beyond, and modify them as they see fit.

What sold Hewell on becoming a G.J. Gardner Homes franchisee was the company’s business model that passes savings onto consumers. Because the company is a worldwide builder, the company can negotiate with suppliers and sub-contractors as one entity instead of bunch of little ones, thus getting the price breaks of larger tract home builders. Then, the individual franchisees can pass these savings onto their customers.

“As a seasoned builder, I saw the benefit of the business model,” said Hewell, who’s been a contractor since 1989. “The benefit is, I now have the ability to collectively bargain with all my sub-contractors and suppliers.

“We collectively bargain — that’s the key. As a builder on my own, I never had that advantage.”

“What our goal is, we are trying to find the local builder with a good reputation. By joining forces with Chris, we get the benefit of a good local builder and he gets a worldwide company,” said Greg Dettwiler, G.J. Gardner Homes’ corporate representative for California.

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