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How to Design a Modern Cottage Home

Modern cottage home
Modern cottage living space

Designing your dream home should feel like crafting your cozy haven, a retreat from the world’s chaos. Imagine stepping into your modern cottage– where every corner whispers tranquility and every detail oozes warmth. In this 5-minute read, you will learn how to design a modern cottage home.

What is a modern cottage home? 

The modern cottage home style has modernized its prior modern farmhouse design and taken it up a notch. With this design, you still get rustic and cozy vibes and experience the benefits of modern home designs.

How do I get started in the design?

The modern cottage design is simple. below are some of the main components you should look out for.

Start with a color scheme:

When you decide on a color scheme neutral colors should be the primary bases. The goal is light and airy:

  • Whites and creams
  • Black
  • Beige
  • grays
  • Calming Blues
  • Gentle greens

Follow up with finishes:  

Assuming you are building custom, semi-custom, or just remodeling your finishes can make or break the design. This is the meat and potatoes in my opinion

  • Rustic wood for a natural feel 
  • Cute nooks in the kitchen or den
  • Barn doors to keep it cozy
  • Exposed lighting for a slightly industrial look
  • large windows for lots of natural light
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Picture quartz countertops
  • White tile backsplash (for the kitchen) 
  • Stone fireplaces for cozy cuddling or reading
  • You could also decide on a wrap-around porch when you plan to build a modern cottage-style home.
  • Brass metal accents in furniture and appliances

Time to decorate:

When designing a modern cottage home the decor gives you a cozy rustic vibe, without straying from the modern look.

  • Super cozy furniture: slipcovers and wicker chairs are great to start
  • Vintage decor: Rugs and Cotton throw pillows
  • All Natural textiles: Cotton, linen, and straw to name a few
  • Reading nooks near the near in a warm corner for peaceful reading.
  • Greenery (inside and outside): gardens, succulent plants, vines, and other standard house plants will do
  • Vases and collected pottery are great additions
  • You can add some subtle floral patterns

What is the Modern cottage design style for?

When building or designing any home, the layout should reflect you! If you have a taste for modern cottage homes and an eye for rustic and warm environments this design is for you. Are you a warm, kind, hospitable bookworm who enjoys wine and friends? Want to maximize coziness as an empty nester? No matter who you are if you like warm natural lighting, cozy nooks, and all the greenery you can get your hands on, this design is for you. 

Want some assistance?

If you are anything like me you don’t like to do the heavy lifting alone. So I always seek a professional opinion. GJ Gardner offers full-service custom home-building services. If you need help visualizing or planing Contact us here. If you are just browsing check out our home designs and download a floor plan you like.