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The process of a knockdown rebuild: Build a custom home in your beloved neighborhood

Due to the current circumstances of the housing market, buying a new home usually comes at the cost of relocating to a new community. For many of us, where we live has decided our routines, local haunts, and lifestyle, and it can be a challenge to say goodbye to these major tenets of our lives. However, with a knockdown rebuild, you still get to reap the luxuries that come with a new build without restarting in a new area.

Knockdown rebuilds, or teardown rebuilds, involve the demolition of a home to rebuild a new one. The process keeps your existing slate of land but designs and builds an updated house from scratch. This journey lets you create a home designed for you and your lifestyle. It’s the ideal situation: all the excitement and benefits of buying a new home without the inconvenience and costs of selling and moving.

If you’ve outgrown your current home and need an upgrade, a knock rebuild might be the perfect solution. With G.J. Gardner Homes’ custom homes, we can design a new home that’s been personalized to suit your existing land but still meets your needs. Discover the process for a knockdown rebuild today.

Where to start with a knockdown rebuild

Before kicking off your knockdown rebuild project, there’s some initial research and reflection that needs to be done to ensure this is a viable option for you and your family. While you may have no issue knocking down your current home, local zoning laws and regulations may limit or prohibit the demolition of homes in certain areas. This could be due to heritage protection or land issues which make this process unavailable to you. You should start by researching your local municipal and state laws.

Moreover, building a custom home is an investment of your finances, time, and energy, so it’s essential to ensure this land and current location are suitable. We recommend land and soil testing and risk assessment to guarantee your current home area is the prime spot for you to begin this new home journey.

The process of a knockdown rebuild

Designing a knockdown rebuild home involves several steps to ensure the new home meets your needs and desires. Here are the four main steps involved in designing a knockdown rebuild home:

Determine Your Needs and Wants: The first step in designing your knockdown rebuild home is determining your needs and wants. Consider the house size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the layout of living areas, and any special features you want to include. You should look to the future and consider what your preferences will be in the decades to come as well. With G.J. Gardner Homes, we want our homes to adapt and grow as you do so they can stay high-performing long-term.

Start Designing: Once you have a clear understanding of your needs and wants, our G.J. Gardner Homes design team can help you begin planning your dream home. Through decades of design expertise and knowledge of local regulations and building codes, our G.J. Gardner Homes team works alongside you to turn your dream home into a reality. This includes creating floorplans and elevations and deciding on your home’s style.

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Choose Your Materials and Finishes: After the initial design, you can choose your materials and finish adding your touch to this home. This includes selecting materials for the flooring, walls, roofing, and other structural elements, as well as finishes for fixtures such as cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

Start Demolition and Construction: Before your new home begins, demolitionists must deconstruct the existing home and clear the land. This process tends to be brief and only takes a couple of weeks. Once the knockdown is complete, the rebuild can finally begin.

Once construction is finished, you can return to your beloved block and experience your brand-new home for the first time.

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What is the difference between a knockdown rebuild and a house and land package?

A knockdown rebuild home is more straightforward than it may seem. With other home purchases, you’ll dedicate most of your time at the start of the journey to scoping and purchasing a plot of land or house. Instead, with a knockdown rebuild, that time goes to tearing down and clearing your existing home. Once started, the demolition of a home tends to be a quick process and doesn’t rely so much on factors outside your control as land or house purchases do.

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