Do you love where you live? Do you love your garden, your neighbours and your street, but feel tired of looking at your run-down house? Do you always promise yourself you will remodel the kitchen next year, update your bathroom next month or extend your out-dated front porch like you always dreamed about? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions, then you are the perfect candidate for a knock down rebuild and may even be pleasantly surprised at how simple and more affordable the process actually is.

Your local G.J. Gardner Homes builders specialise in knock down rebuilds and can help you start your new journey or even continue from any stage if you are already on your way and need a helping hand. Choosing to knock down and rebuild is popular now more than ever. For a long time homebuyers would purchase older homes with the intention of renovating it at a later date to suit their style or as an investment for the future. Now that your local G.J. Gardner Homes office has one simple package available for knock down rebuilds, renovating is simply not an option anymore.

When you knock down rebuild you get to choose your new layout, design features and custom ideas. You will have a new home consultant help you with the planning and design of your new home and a site supervisor who will be able to ensure everything from the foundations up is rebuilt according to local council regulations. In between, you will only have the best cherry picked tradesman finish your home with the highest quality workmanship in the area.

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What stage are you at in your knock down rebuild journey?

Stage 1 - Site Assesment

In this stage of the process, you will receive a full planning analysis of the knock down rebuild strategy that is specific to your property. This is achieved through the following steps:

Initial Site Assessment - A G.J. Gardner Homes new home consultant will come to your site, take photos of the site and discuss your thoughts, needs and objectives for the knock down rebuild process.

Initial Planning meeting – Here you will experience a no obligation, no cost meeting with your local G.J. Gardner Homes planning consultant. It is important to have this preliminary discussion to ensure that whether opting to knock down and rebuild is the most feasible option for your future property developments.

Minor Work Agreement – This is the final planning stage and the part where you will enter into a commitment with your local G.J. Gardner Homes to look after your future knock down rebuild project. The initial fee will include site planners, site surveyors, engineers and designers to ensure everything you want from your new home is achievable and that it complies with local councils building rules and regulations.

Stage 2 - Consultants at work

This is essentially the tricky part of the project and the exact reason why you should put your trust in your local G.J. Gardner Homes builders to look after this project. To plan the project all of the consultants need to ensure that their plans are cohesive with each other’s. You local G.J. Gardner Homes’ planner will coordinate all of the consultants and ensure every aspect is considered and it all works together.

This is also the stage where your local G.J. Gardner Homes planner will ensure that all site tests, soils tests, bushfire and flood checks are completed and up to date with your local councils rules and regulations. Generally, when you knock down and rebuild is it common to find that when your original house was built it was compliant, but now that regulations have increased and tightened in the last 30 years, changes will have to be made to ensure your house is built to comply with current laws and regulations for your safety.

At this stage, you will also get to work with your new home consultant to discuss any personalized design features you would like to incorporate in your new home. You will also get to enjoy a color selection meeting and really start to visualize how your new home is going to look like both internally and externally.

Stage 3 - Work Begins

After the building permit is approved, your local G.J. Gardner Homes builder will get to work building your new home from the foundations up, ensuring all your plans are delivered accurately and with the highest quality finishes. Your local G.J. Gardner Homes builder will only use the finest local tradesman and always ensure you get great value from your materials through exclusive deals that are created with local suppliers.

Your new home will come with a fixed term contract that will ensure you will know when your home will be delivered and that it will remain on budget. At the end of stage 3, your new home will be built and you will get to experience the excitement of living in your brand new home.

Stage 4 -

Renovate vs Knock Down Rebuild

How does renovating actually compare to knock down rebuilds? Renovating can seem simple at first but it can quickly become very exhausting, time consuming and expensive. No matter how much you do you will always find something else that needs to be upgraded, painted, extended, fixed or modernised.

When you choose to knock down rebuild your existing home, you will know that every single part of your new home is brand new. You can pick the perfect design and layout that is specifically tailored to you and your family’s needs. You will have experts working on your new home around the clock, ensuring that your home will be delivered on time and on budget that is also assured with a competitive fixed term contract.

What makes your local G.J. Gardner Homes builders the best knock down rebuild specialists in your area?

Your local G.J. Gardner Homes builders will make your process as easy and as free flowing for you as possible. With organised time lines and a set of scheduled planned meetings, exceptional communication along with localised experience is really the key part that makes your local G.J. Gardner Homes builder stand out from the crowd when it comes to knock down rebuilds in your local area.

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Images and photographs may depict fixtures, finishes and features either not supplied by G.J. Gardner Homes or not included in any price stated. These items include furniture, swimming pools, pool decks, fences, landscaping. Price does not include all facades shown. For detailed home pricing, please talk to a new homes consultant.