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Lot Width from 30' to 150'

House Size from 0SF to 12,000SF

Design or Series

If you’re like most homeowners, you have plenty of ideas when it comes to what your dream home looks like, from the overall home floor plan to the minute details in nearly every room. You probably even know what kinds of fixtures you want in your kitchen and the type of shower for your master bathroom. The problem is that you’ve probably been led to believe that building a modern home plan is out of your price range. G.J. Gardner Kings County can tell that’s not true. In fact, our team of professionals can design and construct a custom-built home for you and your family that fits your budget and manages to make your dream become a reality in Hanford.

Modern Home Plans

Central Californians absolutely love the idea of modern living and many of them have taken it upon themselves to shell out plenty of cash to make their luxury home plans as modern as possible. With a G.J. Gardner Kings County custom-built home, there’s no need to go through all that. Instead, you can choose from one of our more than 100 modern home plans to find one that you love and then go from there in picking and choosing all the big and small details that will make your home design perfect for you and your family - designs that include wood floors, stone finishes, large windows, and so much more.

Luxury Home Plans in Hanford

If you’d like to step things up a bit, luxury home plan designs might tickle your fancy. The G.J. Gardner Kings County team can help you design a lavish home that meets every whim you’ve ever considered. Modern home plans can include a private bathroom for each member of the household, stone countertops for a little extra flair, a hot tub for relaxing with family and friends, a game room complete with large screen TV and pool table, a small movie theater for special events or daily use, or pretty much anything else. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

You Deserve to LOVE Your Luxury Home Plan

Finding a home design you like is one thing, but designing a home you love is in a completely different league. The G.J. Gardner Kings County lets you start with over 100 home design plans to choose from and will then step you through the process of picking out the rest of your home’s designs, right down to the colors, appliances, and added extras that you simply can’t live without. Our team has one goal in mind with each home floor plan- for you to LOVE what we’ve done for you.

Experience a New Life with G.J. Gardner Kings County

Even if you believe your life has been well-established up until this point, the creation of a custom-built home design by the G.J. Gardner Kings County team will take you to places you never dreamed possible. Simply living inside a new home that you helped to create will breathe new life into every aspect of your daily routine. Leaving for work, mowing the lawn, saying hello to neighbors, having dinner with the family - all of these things will feel like you’re experiencing them for the very first time. This is something that every homeowner should enjoy at some point in his or her lifetime.


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Images and photographs may depict fixtures, finishes and features either not supplied by G.J. Gardner Homes or not included in any price stated. These items include furniture, swimming pools, pool decks, fences, landscaping. Price does not include all facades shown. For detailed home pricing, please talk to a new homes consultant.