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Why Having a Support Network is Essential in the Building Industry

Builders are constantly running uphill. Turning another person’s life savings into something special, while ensuring your co-workers are safe and…

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The Power of Brand in Generating Home Building Demand

We create brands to make our businesses easily recognizable. Brands are built on compelling and consistently repeated messages, and they…

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The Impact of Diversity in the Building Industry

After facing the challenges of the pandemic and spikes in demand, the building industry is in need of skilled people.…

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The Challenges of Estimating in the Current Building Landscape

Complex market dynamics have created a large gap between supply and demand in the building industry. As a result, the…

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How to Maximize Sales Conversions with a Model Home Portfolio

Customers need to trust that you can build a home to the standard and quality they expect. That’s why it’s…

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How to Recruit, Train, and Engage the Right Staff to Drive Capacity

Demand for homes spiked during the pandemic, putting pressure on jobs and inflating wages, while border closures have limited the…

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How Scheduling Software Improves Your Cash Flow and Volume of Slabs

Building homes on time and within budget is essential. Not only does completing a project quickly prevent inflation from reducing…

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How Builders Can Manage Their Margins Under Supply Chain Stress

The building industry is experiencing its own crisis. The high demand for housing combined with supply chain disruption and a…

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How a CRM Can Help You Sell More Homes

The path to purchase in the home-building journey is long and when a potential customer first reaches out to you,…

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How Builders Can Boost Their Cash Flow with Financial Reporting Health Checks

A home build can stretch across multiple financial reporting periods. Just because you’re making a profit today, doesn’t mean you…

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