House and Land Pricing


At G.J. Gardner, we have designed a range of facades to suit anyone; from clients looking for a home with contemporary flare or those who prefer more traditional designs.

House facades shown on the flyers are for illustration purposes only. They may include upgrade items that are not standard.  Facade images are shown on one house design only and the look of a facade may alter slightly, depending on the house design chosen. If you would like to consider alternative facades available to you, please book a consultation with one of our friendly New Homes Consultants.

Floor Plan

G.J. Gardner understands the importance of having a home which reflects your personal style and preferences. Whether it is a guest suite on the ground floor, or a movie buff’s theatre oasis that you are after, we have you covered. We strive to accommodate variations to the standard floorplan, within the constraints of the size of the lot, to suit the needs of every living arrangement.

The prices advertised on promotional flyers are based on the standard house plan and changes to the standard floorplan may incur additional charges not reflected in the standard price. If you would like to make any amendments to the standard floorplan, please book a consultation with one of our friendly New Home Consultants. 

House Images

The house images shown on G.J. Gardner flyers are for illustration purposes and should be treated as a guide only. Images shown may include examples of optional upgrade items which are not standard and other items not supplied by G.J. Gardner, including but limited to landscaping, pools and pool fences, decorative lighting, barbeques, water features and furniture. If any of the house images contained in the flyers spark inspiration, please speak to one of our friendly New Home Consultants for an extensive list of optional upgrades available.

Title or Escrow Fees

The packages do not include any amounts for Title or Escrow Fees. G.J. Gardner is not responsible for any Title or Escrow Fees, property taxes or any costs associated  with the closing of the lot transaction.


We recognize that you may wish to customize your investment for your forever home (including premium or bespoke fittings), or that you may have special needs or desires beyond the standard. Our standard pricing is based on our standard fittings, and premium or customized fitting plans may incur additional fees. Our friendly New Homes Consultants can discuss with you any customizations that you may want and the additional costs that may arise for these changes.

Rights to Withdraw

Recent times have only served to demonstrate the uncertainty of the world we live in. G.J. Gardner cannot guarantee absolute certainty of the availability of the advertised Home and Land packages. G.J. Gardner reserves the right to withdraw any the Home and Land package shown on any promotional flyer at any time without notice. G.J. Gardner reserves the right to withdraw any Home and Land package shown on any promotional flyer if the land or home become unavailable or sold without notice.

All images and home designs (including façade and floor plans) illustrated on G.J. Gardner flyers are exclusive to G.J. Gardner and cannot be reproduced or copied either wholly or in part, in any form (graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and uploading to the Internet) without the prior written permission of G.J Gardner.

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