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If you’re like most homeowners, you have very specific ideas about what your dream home should look like. The only way to get everything that you’ve longed for and dreamt of in a home is to create custom home floor plans. While you may have been wrongfully led to believe that creating a custom home is way out of your price range, the truth is that “custom building” and “affordable living” go hand-in-hand. The G.J. Gardner Fort Collins team works hard to simplify the process of conceptualizing your unique dream home in a gorgeous, conveniently located neighborhood - without exceeding your budgetary needs.

Modern Home Plans for Modern Living

Building a modern custom home is the key to ensuring that your home is able to meet your day-to-day needs and wants. The G.J. Gardner Fort Collins team offers more than one hundred unique and modern home floor plans that will simplify your life in a way that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modern design is all about clean lines, geometric design elements, and simplicity. Your home’s modern exterior may feature exciting angles, flat roofing, and large picture windows. Inside, you can expect an open home floor plan that will allow you and your loved ones to stay connected. Simple metal fixtures, stainless steel appliances, contrasting colors, and stone finishes are also common in modern design. With GJ Gardner, you’ll love your modern home plan.

Home Plans for Luxurious Living

For those who want to go beyond the basics of a simple home plan, G.J. Gardner Fort Collins offers a nearly limitless number of ways to customize your space with luxurious add-ons. Families who need their own space will value the ability to build private en-suite bathrooms for each occupant, or to design spacious walk-in closets and dressing rooms. Other homeowners will appreciate luxurious stone finishes, ceiling detailing, custom moldings, and other unique details for that truly “one-of-a-kind” feel. Our team will cater to your every whim and make you feel like you’re finally home.

Love the Space You’re In

Gone are the days when homeowners had to settle for simply “liking” their homes. The G.J. Gardner Fort Collins team offers more than one hundred incredible home plans for you to choose from. While it’s not difficult to find one or more home plans that you like quite a bit, we’re prepared to take things to the next level and create a custom space that you are truly in love with. We will listen to what you already love about the home design of your choosing and will partner up with you to “tweak” and customize the elements that you only “like" into aspects of your home design that you will be completely crazy about. It has never been easier to create a custom home that fits your budget and your lifestyle needs.

Fresh Beginnings with G.J. Gardner Fort Collins Homes

The skilled and highly qualified tradespeople at G.J. Gardner Fort Collins are ready to put a fresh, fully customized spin on our floor plans in order to bring your dream home to life. Imagine walking into your custom home with the knowledge that no one has ever lived in this space before. You won’t have to worry about finding dinged-up floorboards or cabinets, and you won’t need to replace outdated carpeting or fixtures because everything will be fresh, clean, and completely YOURS. If you want to create a wonderful home that you’ll love living in, then give our talented team a call today!


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Images and photographs may depict fixtures, finishes and features either not supplied by G.J. Gardner Homes or not included in any price stated. These items include furniture, swimming pools, pool decks, fences, landscaping. Price does not include all facades shown. For detailed home pricing, please talk to a new homes consultant.