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Creating custom home floor plans is the only way to guarantee that your dream home is everything you imagined it would be. Unfortunately, many people are under the false impression that customizing a home isn’t something they can afford. The reality is that ‘custom’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘expensive’. The G.J. Gardner Denver team makes it easy for you to conceptualize your perfect home in a beautiful, existing neighborhood—all without breaking your budget. Whether you prefer simple home plans for relaxed living or luxury home plans that will make a lasting impression on your family and friends, you’ll be able to tailor your home to your unique lifestyle.

Modern Home Plans

With clean lines and contemporary flow and fixtures, modern home design is the way to go for those seeking sleek aesthetics. Trending open floor plans and large windows come standard in these designs with stylish finishes in metal and stone, plus striking exteriors with flat roofs. At G.J. Gardner, we’re passionate about modern home plans, developing masterful designs using architectural elements from mid-century modern inspiration, and mixing forward-thinking elements with it.

Designing Your New Denver Home

Whether you’re designing your new custom home or looking at pre-made floor plans, there are some factors you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Your lifestyle: Make sure any floor plan that you choose fits your lifestyle. If you know you’ll be comfortable with a large shared living area, then a more open floor plan could be ideal. If you know that each family member likes their own space, individual rooms with partitions might suit you better.
  • Your furniture: Don’t make the mistake of buying or building a Denver home that’s too small for your furniture…or too big for it. Measure out your couches, chairs, tables, and other furniture; and plan out where they will go in your new home. Written floor plans with exact measurements can help with this.
  • Your Family: Make sure to design your floor plan with your family in mind. Rail-less stairs and open balconies may look beautiful, but they can be dangerous for children. If you have elderly family who like to visit Denver, then a guest bedroom on the third floor might not be ideal.

Luxury Home Plans

Luxury home plans come with more amenities and details than your standard home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more space. No matter the size of the home, luxury home design can add customized elements like private bathrooms for everyone, an in-home theater, or his and hers dressing rooms. Beautiful moldings and ceiling detailing, high-end stone work, and wall treatments help round out the design of these homes. Our mission is to take your dreams and transform them into the perfect luxury home. The G.J. Gardner Denver team is fully dedicated to understanding your wants, needs, and overall vision so that we can deliver the home you’ve always longed for. We do this by making it a priority to pay careful attention to each and every detail as we transition through the steps to build a home that you will fall in love with, time and again.

Don’t Just “Like” Your Home - LOVE It!

G.J. Gardner Denver homes offer thousands of modern home design plans, which makes it easy to find one that you really like. When building a home, though, you shouldn’t have to settle for something that you simply “like." We’ll work with you to lock down the aspects of home floor plans that you are crazy about and offer customized solutions to transform the things that you ‘like’ into design elements that you absolutely LOVE. Our plans can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements and desires, and it can be done on a budget that fits your needs.

A Fresh, New Start with G.J. Gardner Denver Homes

The masterful tradespeople of the G.J. Gardner Denver team are able to take your modern home plans and bring them to life. Imagine walking into your custom-built home for the first time, knowing that no one else has lived there before. You won’t have to worry about beat-up cabinets or run-down appliances with expired warranties. Every aspect of your new home is uniquely your own and everything is shiny, clean, and brand new. There will be no dated carpeting to throw out and no walls to knock down, because you worked with a G.J. Gardner professional to develop your own home floor plans and to nail down the finishing touches. This is YOUR new home and YOUR new beginning.


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Images and photographs may depict fixtures, finishes and features either not supplied by G.J. Gardner Homes or not included in any price stated. These items include furniture, swimming pools, pool decks, fences, landscaping. Price does not include all facades shown. For detailed home pricing, please talk to a new homes consultant.