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The home that started Kyle Cox, down the path of designing and building custom homes for families.  This was the home that he and his wife created for their family.  Because of this it will always be very special to them. He hadn't yet experienced the excitement and joy of watching something go from paper to reality. He and his family had taken on a challenge and togethor they created more than a house, they created and experience, memories and a shared bond.  Experiencing this sensation inspired Kyle to want to assist other in experience it.  

"From the day you see that plan drawn up, to the day you walk in that front door; you feel a deeper attatchment to that home. Throw in the memories you create raising to children and that home really is an extension of you and your family".  -Kyle Cox Registered Architect and Builder

The home was more than a count of bedrooms and bathrooms. By spending more eneregy in building a custom home, both Kyle and his family discovered that the amount of energy one places in creating something so personal has a value that cannot be measured.

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