Elk Grove opens a G.J. Gardner Homes Franchise

Date Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:00 AM

A developer saw a housing turnaround and decided to open up an office in Elk Grove.

G.J. Gardner, a major global homebuilder, chose Elk Grove to open a new office in a city that has been devastated by the housing collapse.

“One of the hardest hit in the region, if not the state,” says Elk Grove Mayor, Steven Detrick.

But Mayor Detrick believes housing conditions are getting better, and G.J. Gardner Homes is just one sign that the economy is improving.

According to Elk Grove officials, in January and February of 2011, the city gave out 48 permits for new single family homes, compared to just 21 in 2010, 15 in 2009 and 36 in 2008. It seems as though people are relaxing and spending again.

“We’re very excited, we actually believe in this area as far as growth potential,” says Dettwiler.

So excited, they’re even talking about opening an office in Stockton, where the unemployment rate is near Depression numbers.

But, G.J. Gardner Homes are already selling.  They tailor to your style, which translates to your wallet.

“They can start at an entry level home, a high-end home, every home is a custom home,” explains Dettwiler.

That means prices from the low one hundreds, to as high as the millions will be available.  They also say land prices, the cost of construction and interest rates are all very affordable right now.

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