Uses & Benefits of an ADU

What are The Types of ADUs?

Detached New Home

Attached Addition

Basement Apartment

Attic Apartment

Over-Garage Apartment

Garage Conversion

Are Tiny Houses and ADUs the same thing?

Not always, but they are really good friends. ADUs can be tiny houses, but tiny houses are not always ADUs.
Here are the major differences between the two:

Tiny House


ADU/Granny Flat

“Tiny” 100-400 sf  SIZE “Small” 300-1,200 sf
Permanent or Mobile  MOBILITY Permanent
Essentially anywhere  LOCATION Existing home property
Cool toy like RV/Boat  DESCRIPTION Real Estate, Lifestyle
None required  UTILITIES All required

What are the Benefits of an ADU?

  • Provides a long-term investment
  • Take advantage of unused backyard space
  • Multiple finance options available
  • Added tax benefits
  • Increase your property value
  • Diversifies your income risk
  • Added liveable space


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